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The G-Research Open-Source Software team contributes to a variety of projects in the open-source ecosystem, with a focus on three fundamental and overlapping areas of research:

  • Data science and machine learning tools
  • The infrastructure to support those tools
  • Security across those tools and infrastructure

Our Projects

Projects we maintain

G-Research Open-Source Program Office

The G-Research OSPO plays an active and public role in the larger open-source community, taking responsibility for maintaining public projects, supporting open-source foundations, and helping guide continued development of security and infrastructure projects.

In the realm of data science, we work with the SparkArrow, and related communities as well as open-source alternatives for improved GPU support for .Net Core. We pursue general improvements to the F#, C# and .Net Core ecosystems, which help bolster G-Research’s engineering teams.

For infrastructure, OpenStack and Kubernetes are the clear areas of attention. These ecosystems are deep and wide and our support touches upon many tools and systems that surround these two core technologies, such as AnsiblePrometheus, and Thanos, as well as other high performance computing tools.

Our activities in the security space are far-reaching as well. They include taking over maintenance of Consul.NET, creating an aeron-vault plugin, improving the Ozone vault plugin, contributing to planbot-tfe, developing the jenkins pipelines plugin security fix, and more.

We are proud to support the open-source ecosystem with our technical efforts as well as sponsoring many individual developers and partnering with several OS foundations: the CNCF & Linux FoundationOpenInfraUrsa Labs/Voltron DataReal Logic (Aeron), and Julia Computing, to name a few.

Specific enquiries for the G-Research Open-Source Software team can be sent to: admin@gr-oss.io.

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